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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tenets of Sustainable Living

Perhaps we need a sustainability version !!
If we had to define what would constitute the basic principles when it comes to reducing your ecological footprint what would they be?. Here is one version:
  • Consume less
    • Power
    • Water
    • Building/construction materials- go simple tech as against high-tech
    • Consumer goods
  • Consume local
    • Eat local produce
    • Build using local materials and skills
  • Generate less waste.... Re-use and recycle
    • Build using old or discarded materials... apply clean tech
    • Compost and share with neighbours
    • Choose what you buy.... things that wont contribute to the waste you produce
    • Throw away less
  • Occupy less space
    • Do you really need all that extra built area?
    • Do you really need that big a car?
  • Go independent... as far as possible
    • Build as much with what you have
    • Be self sufficient in your harvesting water and generation of energy (as long as it makes sense in terms of the Life-cycle)
    • Manage what little waste that you generate
  • Travel less and travel green
    • Use your car/two-wheeler less frequently
    • Use a bus instead of your car/bike.
    • Use a cycle for the short distances
    • And if you can walk... go for it.
  • Work as a community
    • Share resources
    • Share travel resources
    • Assist in solving each other's problems
  • Get others to live sustainability, it is your responsibility too
  • Give back
    • Recharge the ground water
    • Share power that you generate
    • Plant as many trees as you possibly can
  • Take only what you need... probably the most important since it is this very appetite that has gotten us into this environmental glut

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